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Customer and Vendor Relationships:
Creating Winning Landscapes

by Adam Carr, The Irvine Company
TLE-Anaheim-2022 Adam accepted a position with Irvine Company in 2012 and has been managing all Office projects in San Diego since that time. Learn how to select the best customers for your business and create long term, win/win solutions and plans that align with the customer and vendor’s vision of the landscape. Click on the title for more...

Employee Safety in the Landscape
by Donald Bottger, PGMS, Dir of Venue Operations, SD Convention Center
TLE-Anaheim-2022 Donald is the Director of Venue Operations at the San Diego Convention Center, where he leads the Cleaning, Building and Grounds Divisions. He’ll explain how Occupational safety is more than safe equipment; it is creating and maintaining a culture of safe working procedures that ensure worker safety. With Grounds & Landscape Maintenance in the top 20 most dangerous occupations according to OSHA, this is a must attend seminar for all Business Owners, Superintendents and Facility Managers. Click on the title for more…

Assessment on Different Battery Powered Tools
by Erik Diaz, USC
TLE-Anaheim-2022 Erik has been a Landscape Supervisor at USC for over 7 years and has worked in the landscape industry his entire life, with a Master’s Degree from USC in Landscape Architecture and is an ISA Certified Arborist, ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor, C-27, and D-49 Contractor. Having converted the equipment at USC, Erik breaks down the various equipment and challenges in converting from fuel based to electric equipment. Click on the title for more…

Getting Paid: California Mechanic’s Leon Laws Simplified
by Milene Apanian, Attorney
TLE-Anaheim-2022 This presentation will explain and simplify the California mechanic’s lien laws, and help you get paid by making your mechanic’s liens valid and enforceable. Participants will hear about common mistakes related to mechanic’s liens and will learn how to avoid them. Register for the September 20th and 21st show. Click on the title for more…

Como crear un negocio de jardinería de éxito a largo plazo
by Raúl Rodriguez, Earth1 Pro
TLE-Anaheim-2022 Nuestro director general y fundador, Raúl Rodríguez, inició en la industria del paisajismo con la empresa de jardinería de su padre arrancando malas hierbas y cortando el césped de las zonas residenciales. Raúl encontró la pasión en la industria del paisaje y volvió a la escuela para estudiar horticultura ornamental, dibujo y diseño. Después de ganar suficiente experiencia, Raúl decidió convertirse en un empresario en California Friendly Drought Tolerant diseño arquitectónico del paisajismo, la instalación y el mantenimiento. Después de estar en la industria durante más de 30 años, Raúl se dio cuenta de que puede aportar valor a la industria del paisaje, compartiendo sus conocimientos sobre cómo hacer crecer un negocio exitoso de paisaje y para ayudar a reducir o eliminar la contaminación a nuestro planeta, las personas y todos los seres vivos.

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