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Using Compost to Conserve 1/3 of
Your Water on Landscapes, on Average

by Dan Noble, Association of Compost Producers
TLE-Anaheim-2023 TLE-Anaheim-2023
Building healthy soil with compost increases water infiltration and water holding capacity by many times, when used properly. The resulting combination of organic matter and microbes holds on to the water, nutrients, feeding plants more efficiently.

Join Dan for his discussion on
Using Compost to Conserve 1/3 of Your Water on Landscapes, on Average
September 21st at 10:00AM.

Best Practices: Chemical Free
Landscape Maintenance

by Brandon Elrod, Founder of the Community Forests Council
TLE-Anaheim-2023 TLE-Anaheim-2022
Public policy is starting to limit the use of these chemicals, as 42 countries have banned or condemned a well-known and broadly-used herbicide. In reality, herbicides and pesticides were created for convenience and efficiency, so any alternative will need to also hold up to the same scrutiny, if it has any chance of being a successful substitution.

Join Brandon for his discussion on
Best Practices: Chemical Free Landscape Maintenance
September 20th at 02:00PM.

Mastering Water Management
by Brandon Burgess, Chino Basin Water Conservation District
TLE-Anaheim-2022 TLE-Anaheim-2022
In this presentation Brandon will explain how to create a proper irrigation schedule for your landscape areas, including how often and how long to water for your specific sprinkler or drip irrigation system.

Join Brandon for his discussion on
Mastering Water Management
September 21st at 01:30PM.

Drought, Heat, and Pest Resistant
Landscape Trees

by Janet Hartin, UC ANR, Area Environmental Horticulturist
TLE-Anaheim-2022 TLE-Anaheim-2022
Janet will discuss uses and attributes of fifteen drought, heat, and insect and disease resistant tree species that are currently under-planted in Southern California. She will demonstrate how to use, WUCOLS, and search engines to identify other tree species suitable for a wide variety of climates and microclimates.

Join Janet for her discussion on
Drought, Heat, and Pest Resistant Landscape Tress for Southern California
on September 21st at 8 AM.

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Harvesting Rainwater
by Mike Garcia, Envirospec LA
TLE-Anaheim-2022 TLE-Anaheim-2022
Award winning landscape contractor Mike Garcia gives an overview of the world of rainwater harvesting. With over 25 years of experience in creating sustainable rain water catchment systems, Mike shows how these systems can be designed and installed within budget and made to be aesthetically pleasing to the home owner. A must for landscape designers who want keep up with current and future landscape trends.

Join Mike for his discussion on
Harvesting Rainwater
on September 20th at 2:00 PM.

Rainwater Only Landscapes
by Dane Shota, Bio-Nutrition and Permaculture Expert

Rainwater only landscape examples achieved by the use of microbes,
proper irrigation for the first year, following Permaculture rules and selection of plant material from the Water Use Classification of Landscape Species website.

Join Dane for his discussion on
Rainwater Only Landscapes
on September 21st at 1:30 PM.

Landscaping for Fire Protection
by Douglas Kent, Author and Cal Poly, USC and UCLA

Kent will provide a highly visual presentation that focuses on roads, structures, defensible space, and plantings. With over 28 years of fire protection experience, Kent's presentation is set to be as educational as they are dynamic.

Join Douglas for his discussion on
Landscaping for Fire Protection
September 21st at 1:30 PM.

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Reducing Irrigation Water Use
Utilizing Sensors

by Doug Callison, Rain Bird
TLE-Anaheim-2022 TLE-Anaheim-2022
Weather and flow sensors can be added to the irrigation system to prevent watering when soil moisture levels, weather conditions, high flows created by broken pipes, etc. dictate the system should not operate. Preventing this watering saves water, can prevent site damage, limits liabilities, and extends the life of the irrigation system.

Join Doug for his discussion on
Reducing Irrigation Water Use Utilizing Sensors
on September 21st at 08:00AM.

Smart Controller Technology Update
by Mark Pedicone, Imperial Sprinkler Supply
TLE-Anaheim-2023 TLE-Anaheim-2023
During this seminar Mark will discuss the benefits of using Smart Controller technology in our landscape and the benefits to both you and your clients. How these systems help conserve water by automatically adjusting irrigation schedules based on real-time weather data, soil moisture levels, and other factors.

Join Mark for his discussion on
Smart Controller Technology Update
September 20th at 08:00AM.

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Green Spaces for Tiny Places
by Janice Gould, Responsive Drip Irrigation
TLE-Anaheim-2022 TLE-Anaheim-2022
Create unique designs in urban environments with limited space for gardens with subterranean irrigation systems, providing your clients with relaxing aromatic spaces with fresh herbs, vegetables and edible landscapes.

Join Janice for her seminar on Green Spaces for Tiny Places
September 21st at 11:45 AM.

Palms in the Landscape, Drought, and Water Conservation
by M.L. Robinson, University of Nevada, Reno
M.L Robinson leverages his 30+ years of experience to address the many uses of palms in the urban landscape. It will address the unique ways palms can be used in the urban landscape and show that many palms are drought tolerant, helping save water during challenging times.

Join M.L. Robinson for his discussion on
Palms in the Landscape, Drought, and Water Conservation
on September 21st at 10:00AM.

Yes to Bamboo
by Shawn Hallam, Instant Jungle
TLE-Anaheim-2022 TLE-Anaheim-2022
Bamboo can be an amazing choice for any landscape project but you have to choose the right bamboo. Clumping or running? How tall do you want it to grow? We are the bamboo experts and we will teach you how to pick the right bamboo for every client.

Join Shawn for his discussion on
Say Yes to Bamboo
September 20th at 10 AM.

Native Plants are Trending
by Joseph Gallegos,
TLE-Anaheim-2022 TLE-Anaheim-2022
Joseph Gallegos, speaks nationally on the subject of Greywater and sustainability. Native plants are a continuing trend in the landscape industry and Joseph helps you understand how to grow, sell, design with, install, and maintain native landscapes.

Join Joseph for his seminar on Native Plants are Trending
September 21st at 10:00 AM.

Species Invasions and Extinctions
by Glenn Rogers, Landscape Architect
TLE-Anaheim-2022 TLE-Anaheim-2022
For many insects, their demise has said to have been caused by a reduction in habitat, e.g., this year 25 states have been flooded. Obviously, land underwater provides little habitat. Industrial farming, another form of loss of habitat results where acres and acres of crops of the same type are planted in monocultures. Light pollution, another factor which attracts insects, seduces them into flying around and around, until they become weak and unable to find food. Lastly, pesticides must be improved to stop the killing of our beneficial insects.

Join Glennn for his discussion on
Species Invasions and Extintions
September 21st at 8:00 AM.

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