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Understanding Outdoor Water
Efficiency Regulations in CA

by Brandon Burgess, Chino Basin Water Conservation District
TLE-Anaheim-2024 As California changes its water regulations, the landscape industry is at the forefront of this transformative journey. In this seminar, we will decode the current outdoor water efficiency regulations for professionals in the landscape sector as well as look to the future of water use efficiency. Discover how you and your company can not only adapt but thrive in the evolving California landscape.

September 18th at 9:45am.

Dealing with Stormwater
by Wei Zhang, Tree Diaper
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) is typically built for multi-purposes: stormwater treatment and green space. Established vegetation is used to achieve the designed functions.

September 19th at 8:00 am.

Using Compost to Conserve
1/3 of Your Water

by Dan Noble, Association of Compost Producers
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Building healthy soil with compost increases water infiltration and water holding capacity by many times, when used properly. The resulting combination of organic matter and microbes holds on to the water, nutrients, feeding plants more efficiently.

September 19th at 8:00am.

Can low water use landscapes be designed to meet
California’s Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance?

by Dave Fujino, Ph.D., UC Nursery and Floriculture Alliance
TLE-Anaheim-2024 For MWELO performance approach compliance, Maximum Applied Water Allowance (MAWA) is greater than the Estimated Water Use (ETWU)? While MWELO compliance is determined by estimating water use for a specific landscape area, the SmartLandscape initiative will validate compliance by measuring Actual Water Applied (AWA). SmartLawn demonstration plots (cool and warm season turf) and SmartScape I and II were designed and planted irrigated by sub-surface and surface irrigation dispersion and smart controller technology.

September 18th at 1:15pm.

Permaculture Landscape Design
by Dane Shota, Certified Arborist
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Permaculture landscape design, heralding a sustainable future, embrace a no-till ethos, preserving soil integrity and fostering ecological balance. This design yields multifaceted environmental benefits, from biodiversity promotion to carbon sequestration and water conservation.

September 18th at 9:45am.

Soil Health & Drought Support
by Wister Dorta, Arborjet Ecologel
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Today, we will discuss key factors that should be considered when working on or with soil in landscapes. We will review some different options for mitigating soil and enhancing soil health for maintenance. These options will be very supportive to your programs for customers, landscapes & business. California should not feel that their landscape should look brown as result of drought conditions. Weather is heating up again and the rain only lasts so long in the soil.

September 19th at 9:45 am.

Greywater Irrigation Best Practices
by Joseph Gallegos, Grey4Green, UmidaAg
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Greywater is the reuse of laundry and shower water on the landscape. This seminar is design to address all the questions you may have as a designer and installer about greywater irrigation systems. The goal is to assure you have great takeaways on how to design and price a greywater conversion project. Greywater can be used to keep turf lawns green under the new “commercial non-functional lawn” law, it can also be used to irrigate native landscapes and drought tolerant landscapes.

September 18th at 11:30am.

Edible Landscaping
by Mike Garcia, Enviroscape LA
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Most people today are on social media and much attention has been given to the idea of landscaping with plants that are typically seen on farms and grown in orchards. Can food be made to look aesthetically pleasing in the context of the landscape? What types of plants can be used as food in the landscape? What native plants can be used as food? What types of best management practices are used concerning irrigation and fertilizers? How are “weeds” best dealt with in a foodscape? How about pests in the foodscape? What about GMOs in the landscape? Creating food gardens that recycle and reuse the same water over and over. And much more!

September 18th at 8:00am.

Designing for Pollinators
by Mike Garcia, Enviroscape LA
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Pollinator gardens are in vogue because the paying public is savvier about helping our planet. Pollinators can survive quite well without humans; humans cannot survive on this planet without pollinators! Pollinators require certain plants to reproduce. What types of plants do they need and why? How can pollinator plants be placed in the garden that will dazzle the eyes and soothe the soul? What type of irrigation is best for the health of pollinator gardens? What about chemicals and insecticides for the pollinator garden? Is it true that pollinator gardens are the first step in helping our planet to step into a more sustainable future?

September 19th at 9:45am.

Central Control is the Pathway
to Sustainable Irrigation

by Jeff Drongowski, Calsense
TLE-Anaheim-2024 In this seminar we will explore sustainable irrigation through the lens of central control systems. The session is tailored to showcase how integrating technology with traditional irrigation practices can lead to significant improvements in water efficiency, plant material health, and overall sustainability.

September 19th at 9:45am.

Retrofit Process for Implementing
Smart Controller Technology

by Mark Pedicone, Imperial Sprinkler Supply
TLE-Anaheim-2024 This seminar will delve into the process of retrofitting existing projects currently lacking Smart Controller technology to incorporate the latest advancements in controller technology.

September 18th at 11:30am.

Wireless Irrigation Options
by Doug Callison, Callison Irrigation Consulting
TLE-Anaheim-2024 This seminar will review wireless options for Smart controller communication, flow sensor/master valve, weather sensors, and station valve connections. We will review the return on investment of wireless versus wired products and look at potential advantages and drawbacks for retrofit and new installation applications.

September 19th at 1:15pm.

Dripline Hydraulics
by Bill Millward, NetafimUSA
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Drip systems can provide highly efficient irrigation results, but they have unique challenges in design and layout. If you have experienced issues with pressure, uneven performance, problems with plant establishment, problems with fertilizing a drip irrigated landscape, or just wondered how to use all those charts and information that manufacturers provide, then this class is for you. We will design and lay out a drip system correctly.

September 18th at 3:00pm.

2-Wire Irrigation Control: Best Practices
by Doug Callison, Callison Irrigation Consulting
TLE-Anaheim-2024 2-wire is the fastest growing segment of the irrigation control system market. 2-wire has multiple advantages over conventionally wired systems but has unique design, installation, and troubleshooting requirements. This seminar will cover the basics and tips for successful 2-wire systems.

September 18th at 8:00am.

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