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Pest Control and IPM Seminars
Managing Gophers and Ground Squirrels
by Roger Baldwin, Ph.D. UC Cooperative Extension
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Gophers and ground squirrels are some of the most damaging landscape pests and can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to high-value landscapes, particularly turf. Join Dr. Baldwin as he discusses strategies for integrated approaches to these burrowing rodents. Information will be provided on fumigation, rodenticide, trapping, and other approaches to gopher and ground squirrel management.

September 18th at 8:00am.

Management of Emerging Tree Pests
by Beatriz Nobua-Behrmann, Ph.D., UC Cooperative Extension
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Invasive tree pests can cause severe damage to the urban forest. Tree care professionals in southern California have to routinely deal with the aftermath of invasive shothole borers and goldspotted oak borer infestations, just to name a couple.

September 18th at 9:45am.

Organic Herbicides and Alternatives to Glyphosate
by Belinda Messenger Sikes, UC IPM and Area Urban IPM
TLE-Anaheim-2024 With many wanting to find an alternative to using glyphosate for weed control, this seminar will present research findings from several recent trials using organic and non-conventional herbicides in landscape situations. Also discussed will be some of the considerations when switching to organic herbicides including cost, efficacy, and personal protective equipment.

September 18th at 3:00pm.

Managing Tree Pests
by Kevin Sims, Sims Tree Health Specialists
TLE-Anaheim-2024 If you're in the California tree care industry, the name Sims is a household name. Following in his parents footsteps, Kevin Sims carries on the family mission of being dedicated to the preservation, education, improved health, & safety of trees. Growing up in tree preservation gave Kevin a unique head-start in his education of trees. He earned various certifications at a very young age including his ISA Certified Arborist license, Pesticide Applicators license, and ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor Certification. Today he is now the Senior Arborist and Owner of Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc.

September 19th at 1:15pm.

Weed Control in Turfgrass & the Landscape
by Heidi Burgess, Corteva Agriscience
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Understanding the chemical characteristics of both pre and post emergent herbicides to optimize weed control and plant safety in both turfgrass and ornamental plantings.

September 19th at 8:00am.

Soil Health & Drought Support
by Wister Dorta, Arborjet Ecologel
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Today, we will discuss key factors that should be considered when working on or with soil in landscapes. We will review some different options for mitigating soil and enhancing soil health for maintenance. These options will be very supportive to your programs for customers, landscapes & business. California should not feel that their landscape should look brown as result of drought conditions. Weather is heating up again and the rain only lasts so long in the soil.

September 19th at 9:45 am.

Identifying Insects: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
by Susan Sims, Sims Tree Health
TLE-Anaheim-2024 Susan Sims is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, CA Urban Forester, and an ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor. Susan and her husband Gary have owned Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc., since 1972. They also have Sims Tree Learning Center, a small arboretum and educational center.

September 18th at 1:15 pm.

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