Recognize Tree Problems

by Kevin Sims | TLE Seminar


Seminar Dates: September 20, 2023 8:00 AM

Seminar Cost: $45 Register for Seminar

Seminar Description:
Trees are an important part of your landscape. They are easier to keep healthy if we can recognize issues with them before they get out of hand. In this class we will go over some common tree issues and how to spot them. These issues will range from biotic (living things like insects and fungus) to abiotic (things like nutrient deficiencies and mechanical damage). Once we go over some basic problems, we will look at how to mitigate them. This will include treatment options and also look at things you can do before an issue starts.

Learning Objectives:
1. Common issues in trees.
2. What causes common issues in trees.
3. How to manage these tree issues.

Kevin Sims

If you're in the California tree care industry, the name Sims is a household name. Following in his parents footsteps, Kevin Sims carries on the family mission of being dedicated to the preservation, education, improved health, & safety of trees. 
Growing up in tree preservation gave Kevin a unique head-start in his education of trees. He earned various certifications at a very young age including his ISA Certified Arborist license, Pesticide Applicators license, and ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor Certification. Today he is now the Senior Arborist and Owner of Sims Tree Health Specialists, Inc., a tree healthcare business that he runs alongside his wife, Nicole.  
As an educator, Kevin is also involved in many research projects & educational programs including the popular TLC Wildlife Aware Program founded and hosted at his family's botanical garden & arboretum known as the Sims Tree Learning Center (TLC). The Northern California branch of TLC hosts the family's 30-acre Olive Orchard where Kevin assists in the care and maintenance of the farm that produces and sells olive oil.   
During times that Kevin is not focused on trees, you can find him enjoying hobbies such as classic cars and golf.