Green Spaces for Tiny Places

by Janice Gould | TLE Seminar

CEUs/PDHs: LACES 1.5,APLD 1.5,PGMS 1.5,NALP 1.5

Seminar Dates: September 21, 2023 11:45 AM

Seminar Cost: $45 Register for Seminar

Seminar Description:
Urban environments with limited space for gardens require unique designs and irrigation systems, which create relaxing aromatic spaces and/or provide fresh herbs and vegetables for backyard gardening and edible landscapes.

  The seminar focuses on addressing the challenges of these limited spaces. The presentation will provide instructions on designs that outline the specific materials, components and an irrigation system that offers solutions for these areas.  The design and installation for a variety of different projects will be presented in detail, including interior green walls, outdoor vertical walls, terraces, rooftop gardens, vertical “kitchen gardens”, raised-bed backyard gardens and patio designs with a cluster of decorative containers. An overview of how to manage water for irrigation to eliminate overflow or run-off in these spaces will be discussed. Companion plants to optimize plant health and minimize pest and diseases will also be presented. Overall, a comprehensive presentation will be provided on design, materials & parts, installation methods, and operation of systems for all these various projects that can implemented in small areas, so attendees will be capable of designing, installing and maintaining these type of projects.  

Learning Objectives:
1. Vertical wall designs
2. Creating aromatic & edible patio and rooftop gardens
3. Set-up of self-watering patio planters

Janice Gould

Jan Gould has spent the past fifteen years dedicating her time and passion to irrigation. She’s a strong advocate for water conservation, improving water management and sustainability to preserve the environment. Her hope has been to increase food production and save water for the children of today and for their children’s children. Hope alone can’t attain that goal, so she began searching for solutions, which led to the development of a disruptive irrigation technology through her company, Responsive Drip Irrigation, LLC (RDI). Jan is the owner and CEO of RDI, based in Bradenton, Florida. For the past two years, she has been working with the Abu Dhabi Investment Office, as a part of their AgTech program, which is designed to develop innovative technologies for insuring food security, water conservation, and sustainability. The RDI technology has been installed in desert regions and water-scarce regions to expand green spaces in urban areas to reduce the heat-island effect in cities, sequester carbon and offset carbon emissions, and create more liveable cities for generations to come.

RDI’s patented irrigation system is the world’s only nature-driven system that utilizes organic chemistry to interact directly with chemical signals from plant roots. It is very simple to install and operate. The system requires minimal pressure and operates using gravity via a rain barrel. It requires no electricity or sensors to operate. The technology impacts all 17 of the U.N.’s Sustainable Developmental Goals and is a solution that can preserve natural resources and restore the environment.