Nature Heals: Five Principles of Design for Health and Well Being

by Haven Kiers | On Demand

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Webinar Description:
Faced with ongoing health and environmental crises, we must redefine urban landscapes as multi-functional spaces that not only improve physical and psychological health and support ecological biodiversity, but also contribute to the beauty and identity of a site, encourage community engagement, and provide opportunities to pilot innovative management operations. This session will introduce participants to the five design principles of Nature HEALS (Health, Engagement, Aesthetics, Labor & Sustainability) and teach them how to harness the power of nature to design spaces that improve health and well-being and promote biodiversity.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the concept of Nature Rx.
2. Know the five principles of restorative landscape design - Health, Engagement, Aesthetics, Labor, and Sustainability.
3. Learn how to design spaces and create programs that harness the healing power of nature.


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Haven Kiers

Haven Kiers is an assistant professor of landscape architecture at UC Davis. She received a BA from Brown University and an MLA from UC Berkeley. Her research focuses on urban/suburban green infrastructure projects and their design effectiveness at both the practical (construction and maintenance) and psychological (aesthetic and therapeutic) levels. Through studies that investigate the intersection of reconciliation ecology and aesthetics, her work examines the environmental benefits, technological progress, and level of cultural acceptance of sustainable design.