How to Lessen Stresses on the Vegetation in Green Stormwater Infrastructure

by Wei Zhang | On Demand

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Webinar Description:
Green Stormwater Infrastructures (GSIs) are typically built for multi-purposes: stormwater treatment and green space. Established vegetation is used to achieve the designed functions. However, plants often fail before established. When plants die, GSIs become a not-so-good sand filter. The main reason is that plants undergo constant stresses: either too wet or too dry. By design, GSIs are flooded during storms. Also by design, the growth media drain & dry out quickly between rain events to make room for next storm. To accomplish this, very porous growth media are used. The extreme variations in soil moisture makes it very hard for any plants to survive. This presentation will review novel technologies that can address this problem by using some of the abundant stormwater in GSIs. By capturing the stormwater, it enhances the stormwater reduction and retention feature of GSIs. In between storms and in drought, the stored stormwater is used to irrigate the plants to ensure their survival.

There other stresses on the GSI. For example, salt is a common one for northern climates (from road salt) and coastal areas with seawater intrusion and coastal flooding. We will also discuss the potential solutions to these stresses.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn The importance of Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management.
2. Discuss The Main Challenges Encountered in Green Stormwater Infrastructure Maintenance.
3. Focus on The Effect of Extreme Soil Moisture Fluctuation on Vegetation Establishment.
4. Discuss the methods and technologies that can help solve the problems with case studies.


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Wei Zhang

Vice President for Research and Development, Zynnovation LLC

Vice President for Research and Development, Zynnovation LLC

Wei Zhang holds a Ph.D. degree in Engineering from Virginia Tech. He has been doing research & development for the green industry for 10 years. His research areas include watering solutions for landscape plants, plant health, plant protection against stresses like drought and road salt. His work also provides novel solutions to green stormwater infrastructures, for which plants are used for the treatment of pollutants in stormwater.

Has has more than 40 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, one monograph and more than 100 conference presentations. He has been a frequent speaker on Arboriculture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Forestry, Stormwater Green Infrastructure, and related conferences and seminars. Dr. Zhang is a ASLA approved LA CES provider.

He is known as a scientist, educator and public speaker.