Designing "Whole-system" Gardens

by Shawn Maestretti | On Demand

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Webinar Description:
Join Shawn Maestretti of Studio Petrichor for a journey into “how we” design for beauty, resiliency and honoring Earth’s living systems. What is a whole-systems garden? Great question… and happens to be one that continually unfolds, just as our gardens do. Beginning with redefining Form Follows Function, if and when we put living systems first, the functions of a living system become our north star as both professional designers and the home gardener. We will be looking at how we can honor the energy cycle, a much needed upgrade in mindset, and the Tenets practiced at Studio Petrichor, which guides our design process and beyond. This is a wonderful opportunity for landscape professionals, students, garden enthusiasts, and everyone to explore possibilities and walk away with simple, tangible tools to reimagine booth landscape and lifestyle.

Learning Objectives:
1. How we can honor the energy cycle at the start of the design process.
2. Tenets to practice and live by.
3. How we can redefine Form Follows Function.


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Shawn Maestretti

Oracle and Alchemist (aka designer, plant daddy, licensed landscape architect and contractor, certified arborist, certified permaculture designer, biospheric caretaker, speaker, educator, and author-in-the-works)
Shawn has been co-creating exceptionally designed and artfully reimagined gardens in both California and Nevada since 2006.
A collaborative visionary and optimistic possibiltarian, he is a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corp, a Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate, and an activist in the movement to care for the environment. Shawn always considers impacts on flora, fauna, fungi, soil, water, the environment, the interconnectedness of our actions, and of course, a changing climate.
Shawn’s legacy is his commitment to leaving a more beautiful world for his son and everyone else.