Climate Change and Biodiversity

by David Muffly | On Demand

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Webinar Description:
Today, one of the most exciting questions in horticulture is what are the right trees to be planting in the face of rapid climate change? At the same time, there is also increasing demand for native trees, and trees that provide bio-diversity habitat. In this seminar, we look at the accessible science of climate shift, and its effects on trees and bio-diversity. Looking at projections of future climate, we will consider a range of newly introduced landscape nursery tree types, and explore their potential contributions to urban forestry resiliency and bio-diversity support. We will explore ways in which new nursery production techniques and allowing use of novel new species, while allowing some old favorites to reach their true potential.

Learning Objectives:
1. Gain an understanding of the basic effects climate change on trees, urban forests, and biodiversity.
2. Learn what plants underpin biodiversity, and practical ways to incorporate these trees into local plantings.
3. Learn about new nursery production techniques, along with many exciting, new tree introductions.


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David Muffly

Dave Muffly has been planting trees (especially oaks) in the Bay Area and other California locations for more than 30 years. Dave began his tree career where he received his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, Stanford University. Moving from engineering to ecology, Dave managed native oak plantings at Stanford with the non-profit Magic, in a project that has yielded more than 4,000 established oaks in 40 years. Dave then branched into fruit trees, and urban tree plantings, with a special focus on street trees. Dave subsequently became a Board Certified Master Arborist, and designed/oversaw the 101 Freeway Soundwall planting as part of the East Palo Alto Tree Initiative led by the non-profit Canopy. This radical and experimental 1000-tree drought adaptation planting succeeded far beyond expectations, and laid the foundation for the changes reverberating through the California tree nursery industry today. The East Palo Alto Tree Initiative became the proof of concept for the even more radically diverse plantings at Apple Park in Cupertino, where Dave spent 7 years as Apple's Senior Arborist. Today Dave works as a senior arborist and horticultural futurist, through Oaktopia.