Milfelds Nursery began over 65 years ago Azaleas Camellias and Gardenias were the quotbig threequot plants propagated by the Milfeld family. Years later as the nursery industry began to pro-mote the use of quotcompanion plantsquot in the landscape we expanded our offerings by adding a variety of Hydrangeas and Ferns both excellent companions and perfectly suited to the shaded Azalea garden. The Hydrangeas provide a big bolder leaf and a loud burst of color while Ferns offer a varied palette of textures as a green backdrop complementing both foliage and flower. New varieties of Hydrangeas and Ferns have been added over the years.
We pride ourselves on customer service and count on our experienced staff in production sales and administration to ensure that orders are prepared carefully and with personal attention to each. We look forward to continuing to serve our faithful customers while searching for new areas where our plants will thrive.
Your confidence in our quality is what made our first 65 years of success possible and for that we continue to say quotThank you!quot As we enter a new year we wish you continued growth and success.

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