Everde Growers doesn't just grow quality plants and trees, we grow beautiful landscapes. We grow the shade trees planted around a modern glass office building, the flowering shrubs that add a touch of hospitality to a home in California, and the stately palms that line the entrances of sports arenas and campuses.

When you partner with us, you enjoy the strength of a national organization along with the knowledge of local experts who know which plants will thrive in your region and best suit your needs.

Everde by the numbers:
• 33 million plants produced every year
• 6,700 production acres
• 5,000 unique plant selections
• 14 strategic farm locations

Everde Growers is a trusted partner and resource for our customers, providing innovative solutions and superior quality plants that add value to their business.

For sales and service, please contact Rick Stiles at 916-998-8719 or email with any questions.

Everde Growers

1589 N. Main St.
Orange / CA / 92867
Fax: 714-279-3199