Installation Equipment at The Landscape Expo

Installation Equipment is a top selling item at The Landscape Expo.

At The 2018 Landscape Expo, 969 Landscape Contractors, over 1,700 Landscape Installation Professionals, and numerous other Landscape Pros from throughout California who attended the show.

Network with leading landscape installation pros from within the state who are actively shopping or landscape installation equipment.

Attendees Are Ready to Buy

According to the 2018 Landscape Contractor Magazine Survey, 30% of Landscape Contractors plan to buy or lease a Backhoe / Excavator, 29% a Tractor, 25% a Compact Loader, 22% a Mini Loader, and 13% a Heavy Loader.

The Attendees at the Landscape Expo are a major buying audience for Installation Equipment distributors like yourself!

Live Equipment Demo Areas

Join the Live Equipment Demo Area at this year's Expo, allowing you the chance to actively showcase your equipment in action.

Booth space is limited. 2 of 3 Halls are already sold out!

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