The Art of Living Walls

by Greg Wallace | TLE Seminar


Seminar Dates: November 16, 2022 2:00 PM

Seminar Cost: $35 Register for Seminar

Seminar Description:
There are many choices to be made to create a beautiful and sustainable living wall that will meet your client's needs. Greg will go through the steps necessary to create a living masterpiece. The location (interior or exterior), size, and budget will predict which wall system is right. Once you have the system chosen then the fun starts! The design will be based upon your wall's orientation to the sun. Using different plant types with various textures and colors can create a beautiful focal point. We have created waves, stripes and used pops of color to create variety and interest.
You also don't want plants that grow at vastly different rates or with different water needs as that makes maintenance a little trickier. Most of our walls take three months from design to installation as the walls need time to "grow in" here at our yard. Installation is fairly simple and ours are typically done in one day, including irrigation. We offer wall maintenance which protects your investment. With proper care your living wall will look beautiful for years!

Learning Objectives:
1. Selecting the type of wall to suit your needs.
2. Design
3. Maintenance and Care.

Greg Wallace

Greg Wallace has owned Instant Jungle since 1980. With over a decade of living wall design, installation and maintenance he is the industry leader.