Soil and Organic Materials

by Gisele Schoniger | TLE Seminar


Seminar Dates: November 17, 2022 10:00 AM

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Seminar Description:
Soil Health is Nature’s Wealth- Let’s discuss ways to build your soils bank account! There are so many parallels to our own bank account, when it comes to soil. Do we add into the system for the future or do we take out for the short term? Do we build our soil bank account or deplete it? As a society many of us take out or extract from our resources and make little to no effort to invest back into our accounts. Our cultural practices in how we care for soil, how we feed our landscapes and gardens, is a short-term, quick fix. Should we feed with synthetics or are we feeding the entire system in a way that nourishes rather than force feeds? Soil is life, and as an industry, especially a green industry, we can adapt and introduce more biological, organic practices into our programs that will pay healthy dividends. Your customers’ landscapes will thrive, not just survive, by incorporating more organic practices, even using hybriding or bridge practices our landscapes and gardens will be more disease and pest resistant, will hold water more efficiently especially with the drought challenges we face, there will be less erosion or soil loss, and we can be part of the solution.

Learning Objectives:
1. Key components for healthy soil.
2. How to manage soil key components.
3. What is the difference between synthetic and organics in the landscape vs. a hybrid approach?

Gisele Schoniger

Soil Health is Nature’s Wealth

In her 35 plus years in the garden industry, Gisele has accumulated a wide range of experience and knowledge. She earned her degree in Ornamental Horticulture from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo. She owned an Interiorscape company, Earthscapes by Gisele, worked for the State Department of Agriculture, practiced as a horticultural therapist with senior citizens, and launched an outstanding sales career by helping establish top-selling, organic gardening products.