Landscape Lighting Composition & Recommended Practices

by Kathryn Toth | TLE Seminar


Seminar Dates: November 17, 2022 12:00 PM

Seminar Cost: $35 Register for Seminar

Seminar Description:
The art of landscape lighting begins with the development of an artistic design plan. Landscape lighting is one of the most underestimated design components within the landscape environment. This session will present and explore techniques to illustrate how design thinking can enhance the client’s nighttime experience.
How do we create value in the minds of the clients, the architects, interior designers, and other industry professionals?
How does landscape lighting affect people within the interior as well as the exterior?
Design, equipment, plant materials, growth patterns, and maintenance all need to be considered when developing a successful landscape lighting solution.

Learning Objectives:
1. Recognize opportunities to develop an artistic strategy for landscapes and hardscapes.
2. Prioritize visual elements to create a complete composition.
3. Learn why glare control is important for the viewer.

Kathryn Toth

With more than 20 years in the lighting industry, Kathryn is an experienced lighting designer who strives to create artistic lighting solutions for architectural and landscape environments. She has been the principal designer on a wide variety of domestic and international projects coordinating with architects, interior designers, contractors, and clients to provide innovative designs for enhancing the unique character of a space. Her experience and passion for lighting enable her to find creative design solutions for the most challenging of projects. Kathryn’s experience includes a well-rounded portfolio of high-end residential, landscape, retail, commercial, and hospitality lighting design projects in the USA, Central and South America, South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, the Middle East, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. She has managed projects of all sizes, from restaurants to casinos, hotels, high-end shopping malls, commercial landscapes, churches, and residences. Kathryn’s attention to detail, collaborative spirit, and the ability to deliver a project from beginning to end have led to the successful completion of the most prestigious of projects. By bringing a holistic approach to her design, Kathryn ensures that all aspects of a site’s lighting including interior, façade and landscape, work together cohesively. She has extensive experience with lighting exterior environments, and integrating how those spaces are viewed from the inside. Recently she has worked on a multi-building hospitality complex where the lighting, from the moment of arrival in the parking structure, directs clients’ focus toward the pristine courtyards and art sculptures on site. Her comprehensive style also extends to high-end residential projects in areas like the Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Whether interior or exterior, commercial or residential, Kathryn brings a unifying touch to the spaces she designs. With multiple IES Illumination Awards for restaurants, spas, and health centers, Kathryn adds a refined eye to any design team. She has also led workshops and taught classes at numerous locations including universities, the International Landscape Lighting Institute (ILLI), the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), the Retail Design Institute (RDI), the International Retail Design Conference (IRDC), and the URBN Annual Conference. Kathryn has been interviewed by, and her work has been published in multiple magazines including VMSD (Visual Merchandising and Store Design) and Architectural Lighting (AL). She is an active member of the IES, the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), an active Mentor Team member of the ILLI Intensive Course, and serves on the ILLI Programming Committee and ILLI Board of Directors.