Designing Water Features: Pools

by Grant Smith | TLE Seminar


Seminar Dates: October 13, 2021 2:00 PM

Seminar Cost: $45

Seminar Description:
Negative edge and overflow pools are in more demand than ever before. The complexity of these features grows with the demand. These can be complex water vessels that take a close attention to detail to work properly and last.

Grant will review more complex water feature effects, such as: edge pools (infinity/vanishing/negative), overflow pools (perimeter/slot); that are hydraulically and structurally more complex to design and build. No presentation on the subject of water features is complete without discussing some common mistakes that designers and pools builders should avoid.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the basic water feature design concepts
2. Learn how soils and structural engineering play a key role
3. Discover how to design hydraulically complex water features
4. Learn common mistakes of water feature design

Grant Smith

Aqua-Link Pools and Spa, Inc.

Grant Smith is a 27-year veteran of the industry. After a 5-year tour traveling the world with the Marine Corps he started out on the service side where he built a service business that included weekly service accounts, residential and commercial repairs. After 4 years he moved into the renovation market. Catching the building bug, he started doing construction of swimming pools and spas. He then went on to expand his business into a swimming pool and landscape company providing turnkey projects and has dual licenses in the State of California. Grant is obsessed with needing everything to turn out perfect and has a motto of “perfect practice makes perfect”. He is constantly finding new ways of perfecting details that do not interrupt the flow of a pool and landscape design. He has earned a well-deserved reputation on higher end pool and landscape projects along Southern California’s coast for providing sound building practices and excellent customer service. He is passionate about applying those principles daily. He has completed the educational requirements and has received the title of Society of Watershape Designers, Master. He has taught for Genesis 3 design schools and is currently on the faculty and leadership team of Watershape University.