Cost and water availability considerations may compel the use of reclaimed, recycled or well water for landscapes. In addition, many state and local governments place restrictions on the use of potable water.
The use of alternative water sources commonly causes high levels of sodium, bicarbonate and carbonate salts, resulting in severe loss of soil structure and organic matter. Poor water penetration is directly caused by chemical imbalance in the soil and irrigation water. The "harsh" elements found in alternative water sources have also been found to significantly accelerate the degradation of monuments and passageways.
The EcoFert Water Treatment Solution is specifically designed to:
• Neutralize the negative effects of high pH, bicarbonate and carbonate levels in irrigation water and the soil solutions by enhancing from the root zone.
• Maintain the solubility of calcium and magnesium in irrigation water.
Increase the microbial base in the soil.

Water Treatment

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