Gas Fire Features in Landscape Design

by Ken Love | TLE Seminar


Seminar Dates: December 15, 2022 11:00 AM

Seminar Cost: $35 Register for Seminar

Seminar Description:
Outdoor fire features have evolved from your basic fire pit in the backyard. Current trends are showing gas fire features as the number one ask by consumers looking to create a unique outdoor living space to enjoy with family and friends. This seminar will focus on introducing the different types and options of gas fire features, as well as, understanding the ins-and-outs of designing a space that is not only beautiful to look at but functional, as well. Ken takes you through the process from beginning to end, providing you with confidence in your landscape design.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the aspects of gas fire feature design to determine the appropriate product to be used for residential and commercial projects.
2. Gain knowledge of the many types of gas fire feature control systems, components, and accessories available.
3. Learn to utilize a comprehensive check list that outlines the primary considerations when adding a gas fire feature to a design project.

Ken Love

Ken Love has over 40 years of experience in the hearth and outdoor living industry. His well-rounded knowledge extends through out all areas of the business, from sales, to installation and service, to manufacturing of products. Ken began his career in the hearth and outdoor living industry in sales, installation and service. This passion for his work evolved into becoming a retail store owner for nearly 14 years. Ken built a business that was respected for his knowledge, integrity, and dedication to customer education and satisfaction. The natural progression of Ken’s talents led him to the manufacturing side of the industry where he began a sales representative firm working closely with manufactures and distributors of outdoor living products. Ken’s level of expertise has also made him a sought after asset to the manufactures he works with. Most recently, he was asked to become a corporate trainer to provide education, training, and technical support for a major manufacturer of outdoor living gas products.
Ken’s extensive knowledge of the gas and wood burning products comes through in his presentations, providing the audience with a unique perspective and in-depth learning experience.