The Imagineering Model: Applying Disney Design Principles to Landscape Design-webinar

by Pete Karjanis | On Demand

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Webinar Description:
Using the overall framework of the Imagineering Model and its over one dozen core principles, students will learn to apply them first to the Story and Theme to any Landscape Design whether Residential or Commercial. Students then will be able to use those as the Design standard or North Star to always refer back to as they Layout their Landscape Designs using existing & new buildings, plants, hardscape, lighting and other materials to bring it all to life for the clients.
  Before construction can begin we will discuss the Blue Sky and Storyboard processes to work with a Team including the client to get the design from concept to drawings and plans.   Lastly, we will discuss the Pitching process and how to be creative even in how you present your final Landscape Design to the client.

Learning Objectives:
1. Applying Story, Theme and Layout to your Landscape Design
2. Imagineering concepts to use buildings, plants, hardscape and other materials in your Landscape Design
3. Bringing it together through the Blue Sky and Storyboard processes & then Pitching.


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Pete Karjanis

Pete Karjanis is the founder/ CEO and lead designer of Wild Thing Wildscapes, a premier landscape and exterior design firm based in the Wine Country of Sonoita, Arizona. After realizing that so many landscapes don’t use the thousands of plants available, native and non-natives alike, in a way to support birds, butterflies, and other pollinators. Pete discovered a passion for designing beautiful landscapes using colorful flowering and seed producing plants and beautiful watershapes, while based in foundational landscape design principles. For over 40 years Pete has designed projects using his love for the natural world as the Gold Standard, even coining the term Wildscapes.  Pete became a student of Imagineering and also expanded his pursuits into the design of Zoo Exhibit/Habitat designs while using the foundations of Wildscaping and the Gold Standard of nature.  Studying the work of Disney Imagineers broke down into core tenets Pete began seeing Landscape Design projects through that lense and he has the perspective of what it takes to successfully complete these projects to the delight of his clients.  Recently, Pete began creating courses and workshops to share his knowledge of landscape design and installation with a focus on Wildscape concepts using the toolkit of the Imagineering Model.