The Fight Against Golden Algae

by Laddie Flock / Ryan Cruz | On Demand

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Webinar Description:
Lake association water managers face a constant struggle to maintain water quality. Golden algae (Pyrmnesium Parvum) is particularly virulent and difficult to identify. No chemical solutions have been found to mitigate this algae that affects any oxygen-dependent life (fish, plants). Strategically applied biological, science-backed, nature-based remedies have proven successful. What is golden algae? How it is different than blue-green algae or other algae that invades freshwater lakes? What approaches have been used against Golden Algae? What approaches have been the most successful? Case studies - Inherent challenges with nature and natural processes (the number of variables, lack of control over conditions, etc).

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand unique challenges posed by Golden Algae (Prymnesium Parvum) in a water body
2. Be able to identify Golden Algae in a body of water
3. Be able to build a strategic plan/course of action to decrease or eliminate GA blooms in a body of water


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Laddie Flock / Ryan Cruz

Laddie Flock has been at the forefront of the design of advanced floating water treatment and wetland restoration systems for seventeen years. Working with university researchers, government scientists, and private water managers, Laddie focuses on solutions-based innovation. He's passionate about what he does with BioHaven Floating Islands: provide a powerful, cost-effective tool for cleaning virtually any waterway, and building habitats both above and below the waterline. Driven by the science of biomimicry, he knows nature knows best, which is why these floating islands are designed to mimic natural wetlands. His work has had local impact, reversing the effects of habitat destruction by providing a safe refuge for wildlife and nurturing biodiversity, as well as combating year-over-year re-occurrence of harmful algal blooms.

Ryan Cruz is an environmental consultant specializing in freshwater ecological management. Over the past four years he has used cutting-edge biomimicry technology to treat algae blooms, boost fisheries, create biodiverse habitat, and more. By using natural systems as his model, Ryan and his colleagues cultivate water bodies that are not just healthier and more resilient, but also wonderful places for people to live.