Soil is the Backbone of Landscapes

by Gisele Schoniger | On Demand

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Webinar Description:
This year we have more and more people interested in gardening and landscapes. From growing your own food to beautifying your landscape, consumers are asking for more organics. Soil is the foundation for any landscape or garden. What is "healthy" soil and how do you know if you have it? Let us explore the basics of how to restore, revive and regenerate the backbone of your landscape's, lawns, and gardens by growing healthy soil organically. Your customer's landscape will thrive, will be more disease and pest resistant, will hold water more efficiently in turn minimizing runoff and erosions issues. We will talk about the benefits of organics versus synthetics and the impact on your soil & how they affect overall growth. We will also discuss the benefits from a hybrid approach. Let us go from pandemic to what is possible, it is time to reevaluate how we operate and open our garden gate to something maybe new!

Learning Objectives:
1. What consumers want today in their garden.
2. Key components for healthy soil.
3. How to manage soil key components. What is the difference between synthetic and organics in landscapes?
4. Hybrid approach and the benefits to your customer's landscapes.


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Gisele Schoniger

Educator, Kellogg Garden Products

Educator, Kellogg Garden Products

Gisele "G" Schoniger, Educator at Kellogg Garden Products and her 35+ years in the Garden Industry, Gisele has accumulated a wide range of experience and knowledge. She earned her degree in Ornamental Horticulture from California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo. She has owned an Interior-scape company, worked for the State Department of Agriculture, practiced as a horticultural therapist with senior citizens and launched an outstanding sales career by helping establish top-selling organic gardening products. "G" will share her wealth of gardening wisdom as an educator to the industry and consumers across the West. Her workshops are upbeat, educational, and entertaining.