Erosion control impact for landscapers

by Ken Kristoffersen | On Demand

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Webinar Description:
Understanding the crucial role that Landscapers play under the California Construction General Permit (CGP). As the 4th phase of all construction projects, landscaping, or site final stabilization is more than just pretty. California’s water quality is dependent on effective Erosion Control (Source Control) which is another way of saying Landscaping directly impacts State Water Quality. Landscaping helps to ensure that we have clean water to drink, to swim in and to fish in. Erosion Control (Source Control) is the foundation of final stabilization. Sediment Control is the last line of defense when erosion control fails.

Learning Objectives:
Understanding Your Legal obligations as Landscapers California CG Permit
Understanding Erosion Control, You are the Solution
Understanding Sediment Control, The last Line of Defense


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Ken Kristoffersen

Ken Kristoffersen MBA/QSP/QSD/ToR/CISEC/CPESC Ken has over 18 years of Storm Water Compliance experience including SWPPP development, inspections and Compliance training. He cut his teeth in the industry developing and training field crews to install various sediment and erosion control BMPs such a: Silt Fence, Gravel Bags, Straw Wattles. As the regulations evolved and the compliance training requirements for developers and inspectors became tougher, Ken decided to start CAL-Storm Compliance in 2010 to fully meet the requirements of the 2009 Construction General Permit. Cal-Storm Compliance produces over 130 new SWPPPs, storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans each year. Ken is also a Trainer of Record (ToR) for the state required QSP/QSD Certification, a Certified Inspector, Sediment & Erosion Control (CISEC), a national, international inspector Training Program and has trained over 700 inspectors in the State.