Designing, Implementing, and Maintaining Your Way To Court

by Joe Samnik | On Demand

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Webinar Description:
Attendees shall be presented with a look behind the curtain as to why landscape architects, designers, installers, and maintenance companies are being sued for negligence and/or breach of contract. This course will take you behind the scenes and into the depths of negligence regarding design, installation, and maintenance.

Attendees will learn how to better protect themselves and defend themselves while preventing disputes from occurring in landscape situations. Case law relevant to each profession will be presented and explained.

Attendees shall also be presented with the latest, research- backed information regarding trees. Fertilizer analysis as it relates to trees shall be discussed with fertilizer ratios being emphasized. The correct approach to determining the amount of fertilizer necessary to be applied to any tree, and how the correct amount of fertilizer is determined, both in the field and during planning for specifications, shall be discussed and presented. The latest landscape illustrations will also be provided at no additional cost to attendees. These illustrations shall include the proper planting of trees, staking, and watering requirements set forth in specificity form for immediate use in planning and in the field. Soil sciences and pH test results for trees will be discussed with emphasis on real life solutions that can be obtained by the application of reasonable care.

Learning Objectives:
Attendees will learn how to lessen their chances of being involved in litigation. Attendees will understand the derivation of National Standards and other criteria which define our marketplace. Currently used and applied specifications to each targeted discipline will enable a revision of attendees' current contracts and specifications.


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Joe Samnik

Expert Tree Consultants, LLC

Joe Samnik is entering his 55th year of continuous practice in the field of arboriculture and horticulture. From wrongful death, personal injury, property rights, and product liability, he has been named as an expert witness in nearly 1000 lawsuits. Joe has been accepted as an expert in federal, civil, criminal, eminent domain, and small claims courts of law across the nation. Joe has authored state laws regarding plant valuations, and his litigation portfolio includes over $200 million of litigated liability. He was the founding president of the Florida Chapter, ISA and the recipient of the lifetime achievement award for excellence in arboriculture. Joe has presented at over 100 international, national, state, and local seminars and conferences.