5 Ways Landscape Professionals can help beat Climate Change

by Gary Lai | On Demand

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Webinar Description:
Climate Change is and will be the defining challenge for humankind over the next century. Climate change will affect every aspect of our lives from water resources and food production to how we travel both locally and around the world. Landscape professionals will play a key role in mitigating the effects of Climate Change as planners, designers, implementers, and maintainers. This course will define climate change and identify concrete steps that landscape professionals can make to contribute and lead in the effort to solve this issue.  We will first broadly define Climate Change and review its effects on the earth and the timeframe that scientists give us to mitigate the problem. We will review how landscape professionals are an important part of design and planning teams and we have the ability lead any effort that supports sustainability. We will also cover the intersection between Climate Change and social and environmental equity. Finally, we will review a few case studies that will illustrate how landscape professionals have made a difference through planning and design.   Through this course I hope to inform and inspire landscape professionals to make their voice and expertise heard as we tackle climate change.  

Learning Objectives:
1. Make participants aware of how landscape professionals can contribute mitigating climate
2. Defining climate change and how it effects landscape professionals.
3. Understanding how climate change and social equity are related and what landscape architects can do about it.


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Gary Lai

Gary Lai is a thought leader in sustainability, resiliency and conservation with over thirty years’ experience in landscape architectural design and planning. His interest in drawing and environmentalism as a child led him to a field that he describes as the ‘architecture of living things’ with an immense potential to impact quality of life for future generations. In addition to his extensive expertise in sustainable design and water issues, Gary’s facilitation and communication skills enable him to focus and maximize the creative energies of project collaborators toward innovative, yet practical solutions. His commitment to environmental advocacy is reflected in his teaching and speaking engagements, as well as his active involvement in the Los Angeles professional sustainability community. Gary is currently a Landscape Architecture Practice Builder for Kimley-Horn in Los Angeles, California