Thursday, August 13th

Improving Soil Health and Water Conservation With Humates

by Russell Taylor

Webinar Price: $35


Soil organic matter impacts all aspects of a landscape, including essential topics like nutrients availability and water conservation. This webinar on using humates in landscaping applications will provide you the information you need to improve your soil and landscape success. Topics discussed  will be solutions for improving your soil structure and fertility with humic acid. Learn how humic acid is formed, when, and why you would add it your soil and what happens in your soil once it is incorporated.

We will start with a presentation and end with a Q&A session. Come prepared with questions specific to your landscape challenges.

• Discuss Soil Organic Matter (SOM) function
• Learn how changing SOM can affect nutrient and water retention
• Review field trials examples of nitrogen conservation

Russell Taylor

Vice President

Live Earth Products, Inc

Russell is a Certified Crop Advisor with 25 years of experience in the fertilizer Industry. He is President of the Humic Products Trade Association and speaks internationally on the industrial uses of humic substances.

His family was the first certified organic beef and pork farmers in Utah. Russell was appointed to a four year position advising the state of Utah on laws governing organic farming. His experience makes him a well rounded information source for both conventional and organic practices.

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