08-09-22 | The Landscape Expo

Come to the Landscape Expo to Learn about Plant Materials

The Landscape Expo to Feature Numerous Plant Material Seminars
by Staff

An integral part of any landscape is the plant material, something that we at the Landscape Expo recognize and wish to promote. Trees, flowers, and turf are all essential for any landscape, and thus we have made sure they will be well represented in the Expo. There will be a wide variety of options to learn and connect with planting vendors and professionals, but the seminars being offered will teach you new insights that can help in your everyday life as a landscape professional.


The seminars at this year's Landscape Expo range from planting advice, to design trends regarding native plants, to even a number of tree seminars presented by longtime partner with the Landscape Expo, Jose Mercado. AnnMarie Benz will be holding a seminar on design trends regarding native plantings, called "Bloom your Business with Native Plants: How Design Trends and Drought are Driving Customers." We even have seminars regarding drought regulations when it comes to managing landscape watering.
Nicholas Staddon will be giving a seminar on new plants and how they can be utilized in a Southern California landscape, in a seminar titled "Crazy Plant Cool: The Plant Journey Continues." There are a range of exhibitors and vendors that are excited to share with you their plantings and plant products that will be found in Grower's Lane at the Landscape Expo. A number of nurseries will be present including Everde Gardens and Premium Nursery.

To register for Plants and Trees seminars go to the following link, then click the Plants/Trees tab on the left to filter the results:


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