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Drought, Irrigation & Water Management Seminars at TLE

Visit the Open Drought Panel on November 16
by Staff

Drought and water management is one of the major themes at The Landscape Expo - Anaheim. With the Water Conservation & Sustainability Center, dozens of exhibitors specializing in water management and irrigation, a seminar tract dedicated to irrigation and water, a subterranean irrigation demonstration, and an open drought pane, The Landscape Expo has a full arsenal of tools, strategies, and educational opportunities for landscape professionals to masterfully handle the drought.

California Drought
The California drought has been persisting for years and, according to the California Government, the state is sitting at 69% of average water reservoir levels. However, as reported by The US Drought Monitor, the North American Monsoons have caused historic rainfall resulting in a very positive impact on the southwest states. Areas found within Arizona, New Mexico, and the California deserts have experienced 200% greater than average rainfall.

With all this being said, California has been quick to administer water restrictions on households to "fight" the drought despite an estimated 80% of water usage being agricultural. Restrictions prohibiting water use for "washing vehicles without an automatic shutoff nozzle, street cleaning or construction site preparation, and outdoor watering within 48 hours after at least A 1/4 inch of rainfall" only effects residential water use which is less than 15% of total water use.

Irrigation Seminars
Fortunately, The Landscape Expo has dedicated educational sessions which will discuss best practices and strategies for water use in irrigation. The expo will be host to Doug Callison who has over 40 years of experience working in irrigation and current serves as the senior product sales manager for water conservation in Southern California and Hawaii for Rain Bird's Landscape Division. Callison will be leading a presentation on "Irrigation Flow Sensing and Management" focuses on utilizing irrigation flow sensing to save water.

Additionally, TLE has invited Mark Pedicone with Imperial Sprinkler who has over four decades of irrigation experience. Pedicone's seminar, titled "Commercial Irrigation Communication, Tools, and Gadgets" that discusses new technologies in irrigation control systems.

Water Conservation & Sustainability Center
Being well educated on the impact of the drought and having the knowledge to successfully install, maintain, and design landscapes to conserve water has never been more important. That's why The Landscape has dedicate a section of the 3+ acre exhibit hall at the Anaheim Convention Center for the Water Conservation & Sustainability Center which will be hosting drought and water management related seminars and an open drought panel. The hour-long panel will take place on Wednesday November 16 at noon and will feature Adam Carr with the Irvine Company and an expert representative with the Municipal Water District of Los Angeles.

Subterranean Irrigation Demonstration
New to The Landscape Expo is the product demonstration area where Responsive Drip Irrigation (RDI) will display their patented subterranean irrigation system. This system works because, when plants need water, they release root extrudes that allow them to uptake what they need from the surrounding soil. When RDI's irrigation system interacts with the plant's extrudes, water is released through billions of "smart micropores." Janice Gould with RDI will be speaking at the Expo about "How Landscape Can Save our Cities" which will explore water conservation in landscapes.

Register with Early Bird Rates
Through September 15 you can get 2-day exhibit hall admission for only $12, and seminars are only $31.50. However, you can bring your crew and save an additional 15% with the group discount when you sign up for 11 or more seminars. The Landscape Expo is a great place to educate and train staff on the newest techniques in irrigation diagnostics and design, tree care and safety, using the newest line of battery powered equipment from dozens of exhibitors, and so much more!


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