TreeDiaper is a novel technology for urban forestry and makes it possible for public works and urban forestry departments to achieve more with less money. Inheriting many features from disposable diapers this plant protection is an advanced plant protection system. It is different from watering bags which accept only irrigation water. It is the first and only landscaping irrigation product to combine the functions of slow release irrigation automatic recharging with natural precipitation weed control and protection against extreme weather conditions (winter and summer) into one low-cost package. The super slow release (in terms of weeks and months for TreeDiaper compared to hours for watering bags) the large watering area provide enough water for the trees and shrubs to survive but not enough to thrive. Therefore it encourages newly planted trees and shrubs to grow roots into surrounding environment to seek water to thrive. It promotes better and faster integration of newly planted trees with new environment. Therefore TreeDiaper is a plant protection system that promotes healthy growth and better integration. Available for applying variety caliper sizes of trees or vegetation plants or customized.

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