Aardwolf is a leading manufacturer of lifting and handling equipment for the construction industry. Aardwolf is dedicated to enhancing the quality of goods by applying the latest technologies in production. The company continually updates manufacturing techniques to deliver the best solutions for partners and customers around the world.

In particular, Aardwolf is the only qualified manufacturer in Vietnam that is able to provide alternative styles of heavy vacuum lifting equipment for different consumer purposes. Aardwolf manufactures more than 300 different pieces of equipment such as vacuum lifters, pipe lifters, slab lifting clamps, transport frames, glass lifting clamps, slab racks, self-locking trolleys, forklift booms, and load handling attachments for material handling in the landscape, stone, glass and metal industries.

With the focus on customer satisfaction, Aardwolf has gained a global reach with distribution channels in countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Bulgaria, Great Britain, India, and Thailand.

Aardwolf Americas LLC

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