The Landscape Expo Tree Academy provides educational events for arborists,
horticulturalists and other landscape professionals. See live tree safety, tree trimming and related seminars, and demonstrations
sponsored by the Hispanic Arborist Association.
Related Seminars
   Wednesday 8:00 am
   Crazy Plant Cool: The Plant
   Journey Continues

   by Nicholas Staddon

   Wednesday 10:00 am
   Heat, drought, and pest resistant
   landscape trees for Southern CA

   by Janet Hartin

   Wednesday 2:00 pm
   Common Tree Pests, Observing,
   Identifying, and Management

   by Kevin Sims

Tree Safety Seminars
   Wednesday 10:00 am
   Thursday 10:00 am
   Tree Safety While Aloft
   by Jose Mercado

   Wednesday 12:00 pm
   Thursday 12:00 pm
   Aerial Tree Rescue
   by Jose Mercado

More Seminars
   Wednesday 2:00 pm
   Topping Trees: Understanding this
   Destructive Cultural Phenomenon

   by Brandon Elrod

   Thursday 8:00 am
   Soil Moisture for Newly
   Planted Trees

   by Wei Zhang

Related Seminars
   Thursday 10:00 am
   Tree Health from the Ground Up
   by Dawn Fluharty

   Thursday 12:00 pm
   Trees as Major Design Features:
   How to Experience the Greatest
   Success in the Design

   by Brandon Elrod

   Thursday 1:30 pm
   Tree Pest Management in SoCal
   by Beatriz Nobua-Behrmann, Ph.D.

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