October 10th & 11th  |  9:00 AM — 3:00 PM  |  Long Beach Convention Center

Things To See & Dooo At the Convention...

• Learn what the competition is doing

• Attend Educational seminars and earn CEUs

• Gain exposure to the latest trends in the landscape industry

• Network Network Network


HaulIt              JCB
Live Equipment Demo Area

New to 2018 Landscape Expo, Long Beach! Outside in the center court select exhibitors will have real equipment for you to start-up and test onsite.

JCB will feature their JCB 155 Teleskid. It is the smallest radial lift within the JCB skid steer loader line. It has a 42kW JCB Diesel by Kohler engine with enough power to perform at any job site.
Click Here to learn more.
  Outdoor demo map

GV HaulIt will be live demo'ing their HaulIt workhorse delivery trailer described as a "Beefy Built" tilt deck trailer invented to haul and unload palleted and supersack materials, without a forklift. Click Here to learn more.


Water Conservation Showcase & Seminars

California's largest concern is water, and any means with which we can save it. Join these industry leading educators & state-of-the-art vendors in the TLE Water Conservation Showcase.

Janet Hartin
Janet Hartin
Top Ten Abiotic Disorders Impacting Landscape Trees
Brandon Burgess
Brandon Burgess
Practical Water Management: Skills That Will Make an Impact
Scott Kleinrock
Scott Kleinrock
Practical Rainwater Harvesting for Residential Landscape Projects
David White
David White, Ph.D
Regenerative Soil Care
Russell Taylor
Russell Taylor
Soil Amendments and Benefits of Soil Organic Matter
Marco Schiavon
Marco Schiavon, Ph.D
How Much Water Does Your Turf Need?


TLE Tree Academy - Outdoor Workshops

Rigging, Chipper and Chainsaw Safety
by Jose Mercado (Outside)

Wednesday, October 10th: 9:30 - 11:00 AM

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Proper Climbing Techniques, Rope and Saddle,
Aerial Lift Safety
by Jose Mercado (Outside)

Wednesday, October 10th: 1:00 - 2:30 PM

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Pruning Shade Trees (Spanish)
by Oscar Sanchez

Thursday, October 11th: 10:00 - 11:30 AM

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Pruning Shade Trees
by Oscar Sanchez

Thursday, October 11th: 1:00 - 2:30 PM

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TLE Is The Place For Trees! Click Here for the full list of TLE Tree Academy Seminars.

Check out these Wholesale Tree Suppliers


Outdoor Living Design Center


The Landscape Expo, Long Beach has lots to offer California’s Leading Landscape Architects and Designers looking to network with the industry, and shop for the latest design related products.

24% (more than 700) of last year’s attendees offered landscape architectural or design services.

This year, to tailor to the growing number of design orientated attendees TLE has implemented an Outdoor Living Design Center into the show. Fountains, Kitchens, Shelters, Furniture And More...

Visit With These Design Center Exhibitors


New Product Demonstration and Showcase Area

A crowd favorite for over a decade, there is a new twist to the New Product Showcase at TLE . . .

In addition to vendors providing new products for you to examine and explore, select vendors will be presenting complete product demonstrations and hands-on training for the latest and greatest new products in the landscape industry!


Ask the Attorney Workshop (in Center Hall) with Milene Apanian

This workshop will answer your questions regarding:
Construction Contracts: Drafting and negotiating Home Improvement Contracts, Owner/Contractor Contracts, Subcontracts, Purchase Orders, Change Orders
How to Document a Construction Project Without Regret
Getting Paid!: Preliminary Notices, Stop Payment Notice requirements, Mechanic’s lien requirements
Bond Claims & Prompt Payment Penalties; How To Use Them to Get Paid
California Contractor License Laws: who needs to be licensed, and recent developments in the licensing law
How to Comply with CA Licensing Laws and Contractors State License Board Advertising Requirements

Please send your questions to gfrank@landscapeonline.com before the show so that Milene can research your answer adequately. (You can also bring your questions to the workshop.)

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Green Industry Hall of Fame

Green Industry awards are given each year to inductees of the Green Industry Hall of Fame to well deserved professionals in the landscape industry.
Come and check out who has been given the latest honor in the Green Industry Hall of Fame.


  • Allen Chariton (2016)
  • Bill Cathcart (2018)
  • Bob Mattson (2009)
  • Bob Perry (2012)
  • Brad Monroe (2013)
  • Burton Sperber (2010)
  • Candy Fiske (2018)
  • Carl Kah (2018)
  • Charles Nunley (2007)
  • Cheryl Goar (2018)
  • Chuck Hoover (2013)
  • Dave Davis (2010)
  • Dave Fujino (2017)
  • David B. Tiglio (2006)
  • David L. Lannom (2015)
  • David Pagano (2013)
  • David Witzke (2008)
  • Denne Goldstein (2008)
  • Dennis Pittenger (2016)
  • Donald C. Brinkerhoff (2015)
  • Donald M. Roberts (2017)
  • Donald Phelps (2009)
  • Dr. Barry Cohen (2012)
  • Dr. John Kabashima (2014)
  • Dr. John Thomson (2012)
  • Dr. Joseph You-Tsai Hung (2005)
  • Edwin J. Hunter (2012)
  • Eric Triplett (2015)
  • Fred Hanker (2014)
  • Gary Hayakawa (2014)
  • Gary Vallen (2010)
  • George Schmok (2014)
  • Gilbert Resendez (2013)
  • Gus Fleming (2008)
  • H. Clay Kellog (2013)
  • Haruo Yamashiro (2009)
  • Jacquie Courtright (2016)
  • James Bethke (2018)
  • John Boething (2015)
  • John Culbertson (2016)
  • Jon Alsdorf (2012)
  • Judy Guido (2018)
  • Larry Rohlfes (2016)
  • Leslee Temply (2014)
  • Lynda Wightman (2016)
  • Mark Pedicone (2015)
  • McKenzie Cook (2017)
  • Mickey Strauss (2009)
  • Mike Baron (2014)
  • Mike Schwartz (2009)
  • Miles Rosedale (2010)
  • Nelson Colvin (2010)
  • Nick Federoff (2012)
  • Peter Estournes (2017)
  • Ray York (2012)
  • Rich Angelo (2008)
  • Richard Cohen (2013)
  • Richard Daigle (2014)
  • Robert Cardoza (2010)
  • Robert Crudup (2012)
  • Robert J. Tiglio (2006)
  • Robert Ludekens (2017)
  • Robert Scofield (2016)
  • Roger Fiske (2018)
  • Sharon McGuire (2010)
  • Steve Wightman (2015)
  • Stuart J. Sperber (2009)
  • Sue York (2013)
  • Susan Sims (2015)
  • Ted Byrne (2009)
  • Tom Christy (2012)
  • Tom Courtright (2016)
  • Tom Gentile (2015)
  • Tony LaFetra (2010)
  • Warren Gorowitz (2017)


Official DPR Test Site at The Landscape Expo!

The Landscape Expo (TLE), a two-day regional landscape conference and trade show to be held at the Long Beach Convention Center on Wednesday, October 10th and Thursday, October 11th will host an official DPR Test Site.

Attendees can register for any of DPR’s license or certificate exams through the California Department of Pesticide Regulation website. Those interested must register in advance through DPR; note that they will not be able to accommodate walk-ins.

Book your room now before they're gone!

The Hyatt, Renaissance and Westin are all sold out due to a city wide convention in town (same dates as our show.) There is no point in waiting and trying to get a deal at the last minute because this year they'll be very hard to find!

Courtyard Marriott Long Beach hotel rates are $214 per night and we have negotiated a special rate of $5.00 for a “Grab and Go” breakfast for our attendees. (Make sure you request this at check in)

WARNING: Beware of any solicitations from travel companies, they are potentially fake.

  Courtyard Long Beach Downtown
500 East First Street 
Long Beach, California 90802 
(562) 435-8511 
Distance to Convention Center: 0.7mi