Growers' Lane

New for 2019 is Growers' Lane...a perfect place for you to view trees and plants from throughout the region all in one spot!

At last year's show, many TLE nurseries and plant exhibitors came together to determine how they could create a memorable experience for attendees. They expressed a desire to provide a place where attendees could easily view their exhibits in one area, hence Growers' Lane!

Village Nurseries, a West Coast division of TreeTown USA, has 18 growing locations and an inventory of succulents, trees, shrubs, palms, grasses, and more.

Moon Valley Nursery, Inc. is a Gold Plant Sponsor and as the largest box tree grower in the US, grows more than 1,500 varieties of palms and shrubs.

South Coast Wholesale is a supplier of Big Palms and Trees while specializing in various date palms such as Phoenix canariensis and Phoenix dactylifera. They regularly ship throughout California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Florida.

Mountain States Wholesale Nursery, which has serviced the industry for nearly 50 years, offers over 450 groups of desert-adapted trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, perennials, etc.

KBD Nursery has a true passion for succulents, specializing in agaves aloes and echeverias while growing unique varieties in large quantities to service the landscape industry.

Rancho Soledad Nurseries provides exotic plants for landscape applications to a diverse clientele.

Monterey Bay Nursery, Inc. has a list of about 1,000 plant varieties including ornamentals, greenhouse plants, succulents, and more.

Premium Nursery Inc. is committed to supplying quality plant material at the lowest price possible without compromising quality.

Suncrest Nurseries Inc's 3000-plus current selections reflect several different tangents all aimed at enriching the variety of ornamental plants available to California gardeners

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